The Great Cebu Sale

Organizers discuss The Great Cebu Sale during a virtual press conference and MOA Signing

Bring back consumer confidence

Aimed at stimulating Cebu businesses and bringing back consumer confidence, the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) Cebu Chapter is organizing an industry-wide virtual sale from September 15 to October 31, 2020.

The Great Cebu Sale 2020 will bring together, virtually, Cebu’s top brands in the hospitality, wellness, travel, automotive, fashion, hardware, electronics, and food industries.

“It’s about time that Cebu needs to get back to business. After a long period of lockdown since mid March and another lockdown due to the resurgence of COVID cases in June, businesses have been crippled and jobs have been lost,” said PRA Cebu Chapter President Chester Lim.

“We need to start building up business and consumer confidence through a  movement of consumption. The Great Cebu Sales will hopefully create favorable conditions for businesses to go online during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s a great opportunity for Cebu businesses to promote their product and services via e-commerce.” 

“The Great Cebu Sale is the first virtual shopping event that will be conducted collectively by the PRA Cebu Chapter along with the different businesses, organizations and chambers in Cebu,” Lim said.

“This is also a good time to purchase anything from a discounted room accommodations, to the best deal in work and study from home gadgets or simply enjoy a visit in your favorite family destination. Cebuanos will surely get the best deal for their peso. Since all businesses have to submit their applications to DTI, Cebuanos can be assured of legitimate and fair business dealings,” he added.

The Great Cebu Sale 2020 Chair Camille Villareal-Aldeguer said The Great Cebu Sale 2020 will serve to promote new ways of doing business as well as stimulate consumer spending. One way of helping companies will be to encourage people to “support local, buy local.”

PRA Cebu Co-Chair Raki Urbina said business institutions collaborated to find ways by which they can support one another. The Great Cebu Sale 2020 is a result of such collaboration.

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